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Facade blinds are nothing more than window covers mounted outside buildings. They have a wide range of applications, and also perfectly blend in with large glazing. Thanks to the facade blinds, you will avoid too much sunlight, escape from noise, and most importantly, they will improve the appearance of our facade. These blinds can be fully automatic, which is certainly their advantage and improves the comfort of everyday use. Facade blinds are a good alternative to ordinary roller shutters, because they can be equipped with wind and solar sensors, as well as connected to the smart home system.

When designing facade guards with GlasPRO, you have an influence on their colors, design, choice of technology, as well as the housing itself. Facade blinds give character and lightness, and their appearance can be adapted to the individual investment project. Our assembly is durable and flexible, and most importantly, it ensures proper operating conditions. In cooperation with us, it is you who determines the conditions, and we choose the best solution.

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